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I haven’t discussed much on the USDJPY for some period of time now, due to the fact the currency pair isn’t respecting my constructed key-levels.

USDJPY 14-FEB-2020
USDJPY 14-FEB-2020

The currency pair had been in an intermediate bullish trend right from its low from August of 2019 and it did broke its long-term bearish trend line in January of this year 2020. Remember we had a formation of an inverted head and shoulders which constitute to the upward bullish momentum for the currency pairs.

Although the breakout of the long-term bearish trend was a fake breakout which resulted into another short term bearish rally of 195pips which built up a swing high low @108.304. This swing high for now is still yet to confirm a new high swing.

Take note we have a potential key-level to watch out for @109.631 qhich is currently acting as a key support level as of the time of posting this content.

Viewing this chart with an eagle eye one would notice price is caving a narrow wedge and which is a technical signal of indecision of direction breakout(price can either break upside or downside).


We have to respect the fact there’s a potential keylevel resistance which lies @110.937 also we need to put into consideration the bullish reflection of the inverted head and shoulders. Well I’m not a fan of taking upside breakout of a narrow wedge for the fact most do result into a bullish trap.

A daily close above key-level @109.631 may interest buyers to pull price up for an upward breakout while failure for the bull to defend the 109.631 zone may interest sellers to retest key-level support @108.304 which may interest way to support @106.671.

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