Hello Forex Trader,

I just wanted to share with you my latest personal view on the USD/CHF DAILY CHART MARKET ANALYSIS (23RD-Jan-2020).


As we can see in the image above, the currency pairs had been fluctuating within the range right from June-2020 from the last weekly bearish candle @26th-May-2019 formation which brought the market into this rectangular channel. While on the intermediate uptrend price have been bouncing in a rising channel which is a strong signal of a bearish implication.

Price have been bouncing up and down at key-level support @0.6862 and now again seams this week wants to carve another bearish pin which may act as a signal to interest sellers to coming again with full force to pull price more bearish. Same on Wednesday 22nd, the close candle formation did carved a bearish pin bar which was below our support key level.

A daily close or rejection of today’s 23rd candle below our key-level support @0.96862 will show sigh of the currency pairs weakness.

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Omoare Allen