To have a powerful Forex trading experience, especially for traders who are new to the market, MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader 5 have been proposed to boost state-of-the-art features which include upgrading options for hedging and also allowing users to work on different interfaces that will suit their trading needs. For the beginner or existing users who wish to have it installed on their computer must understand how it works or steps to take towards its successful installation. 



For better performance and great access to trading strategies, Forex traders are advised to install Meta-trader 4 to boost their single hedging and have the required tools for the technical analysis of the trading market at any level of complexity at a given time. The MQL (MetaQuotes language) after a successful installation will highlight the 9-time frames which include daily, weekly, time to time charts and also reveal different variances of pending orders.

The download, installation of MT4 through your personal computer will activate the powerful and convenient tools that you can use to operate the free demo account through which all trading features to be tested on all trading platforms.


  1. How powerful is the trading platform, does it support the three execution modes and eight order types?
  2. Different numbers of charts items and the analytical tools available
  3. Also, examine all seen indicators and trading robots alongside algorithmic trading.
  4. The importance of markets events through trading news and all alerts.
  5. You also have to know the plans of other traders through the trading signal 


  • 1. Look for an e-compliant personal computer and also be sure that it has the required connection. After this, you will have to locate your internet browser (such as google chrome or Firefox) and open a new tab to easily download the installation of Meta-trader 4 files that is suitable for the version of your computer through the MT4 platform download page. You will have to wait, while the download quickly reflects itself. The computer will ask if you want to run this file by listing the name, publisher, type, and location of the application package. You will tick ‘always ask before opening the file’ and hit your cursor on ‘run’ to complete the setup download from the internet. 

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  • 2. After the successful download of MT4, you will have to launch the installation by double-clicking the setup program. The next screen will explain the breakdown of the app by emphasizing on trading operations in available financial markets and the analytical possibilities through the tools for technical analysis by using in-built language. You will have to click ‘next’ button to proceed to the next page.

  • 3. The next screen is Trading Terminal End-User License Agreement. This page requests the user to read the terms and conditions that comes with such program with all rapt attention and consent to the fact that the app usage will cover all your use of trading terminals from any computer where it has been installed. After the policies’ agreement, the user will click on a response button at the lower-left corner with caption ‘yes, I agree with all terms of this license agreement’ and proceed to the next page.

  • 4. Next phase will require you the destination folder on your computer where you want to install the MT4 terminal and you can also click on ‘browse’ to select another suitable folder. It is advisable to also select the additional tasks by ticking the two buttons with the caption ‘create a desktop shortcut’ and ‘launch program after a successful installation’ before hitting on ‘next’ button. 

  • 5. On the next page, the setup program will display its operative mode by extracting all packaged files by copying them in the preferred installation folder you have identified in the previous stage. You will then have to be patient enough for the setup files to install completely. You can also cancel the process but that might affect the operation of the program. Also, you might see the installation progress on the screen and when the bar is complete, you will click on the ‘finish’ button.


The above description on the installation process on MT4 is also applicable to MT5 but the users must be conscious of the following points: 

  1. MT5 is not a direct upgrade on MT4 but a successor on trading features 
  2. It can boost the trader’s usage of CFDs’ and other stocks
  3. It offers six different types of pending order unlike MT4 that offers 4 orders
  4. MetaQuotes language is also high as it outlines all utility applications and trading robots
  5. The market depth with economic calendar is quite high as well
  6. It also allows split hedging and offers 44 analytical objects with some technical indicators, 21 time frame and multiple number of charts.
  7. It also has an interface that can approve different services with additional time frame.

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