The GBPUSD pair has made some reversal this week.


This resulted after last week’s huge bearish 299+ pips rally down below two critical levels.

The first of this levels was the dynamic support trendline which extended from November 2019 low.

I discussed about this in the members area last two weeks.

It was last week huge bearish signal 3rd-Feb-2020 which added to my decision to short the currency pair on 6th-Feb-2020. I posted my Entry level, SL and TP in the members area last week Thursday

The GBPUSD also closed below the intermediate term bullish channel that extends from the 2019 low last week.

Sellers confirmed that breakdown on February 6th.

As long as the GBPUSD trades below that 1.2999 area on a daily closing basis, my bearish bias is intact.

Keylevel support remains @1.2771 area.

You can see the technical analysis on the chart above how it served as a potential keylevel support for the GBPUSD currency pair in October and November last year 2019.

I’ll stay bearish not until GBPUSD pair proves me wrong. Remember the market is the master of all and has the final say therefore; no trading strategy is infallable.

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