Hello Forex Trader,

I just wanted to share with you my latest personal view on the EUR/GBP DAILY CHART MARKET ANALYSIS (7th-Feb-2020).

I emphasized days ago in my last post about my decision to patiently await a retest of our broken dynamic resistance @0.84871 trend-line which I’m expecting to act as a new dynamic support level and price have been bouncing continuously through this range zone for good 4 days now.

At the moment we have not yet seen a strong price action to signal a reversal in an upward rally so our obligation as a conservative trader is to keep an eye on EUR/GBP should in case of any breakout opportunity.

Alternatively if the bull fail to protect price above this potential key-level @0.84871 today then this might result into fake breakout and this may trigger a rotation back for the bears to retest our broken dynamic resistance trend-line and also may trigger more bearish momentum to re-expose key-level support @0.83092.

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What do you think about this EUR/GBP?

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Allen @fxklex

Omoare Allen