BND Capital is a modern fund management service that brings together a highly qualified investment team, unique online service and a powerful investment framework. Their modern fund management service enables investors earn very attractive investment returns with minimal effort while being able to seamlessly monitor performance and carry out processes like deposits and withdrawals. As a discretionary service BND Capital makes the day-to-day investment decisions on behalf of their investors who can access their account online at any point in time.

This modern service simplifies the investment process and gives global investors the opportunity to benefit from powerful investment and trading techniques.

What makes BND Capital stand out?

Easy account setup

If you want to open an investment account and invest with BND Capital, you will find the account opening process which takes only a few minutes extremely straight forward and time saving. There isn’t a bunch of documentation to be filled or long waiting times. The entire process is electronic and hassle free. Account verification is also carried out swiftly through the help of credit reference agencies such as Experian and Equifax.

No Fixed Fees Charged

BND Capital charges no account opening, account maintenance, withdrawal or deposit fees. They only charge fees as a percentage of profits, so will only charge you money when they make you money. These fees are charged at 0.5% of your accrued profits and are billed before your profits are credited into your investment account.

Steadily Rising Capital

With the power of compounding, which the firm carries out regularly investors can experience an exponential level of growth in their invested capital over a sustained period of time.

Commendable payments process

BND Capital utilizes blockchain technology and the Ethereum network for investment transactions. Blockchain technology makes it possible for the firm to seamlessly send and receive investment payments globally at little to no cost, almost instantaneously.                                                                                                            Withdrawals and deposits can be carried out easily from the online account page.

Personalised customer service

BND Capital takes client service extremely seriously and every client has round the clock access to a personal client support manager who helps with any sort of queries. This is in line with the firm’s objective of creating a seamless investment experience for its investors.                                                                         

Investor protection and fund security

At BND Capital all client assets are separately ring fenced. Client funds are held and managed in accordance with the applicable investment regulatory rules, aimed at ensuring their long term preservation and safety against loss.

BND Capital practices strict risk management procedures in their trading rooms, to avoid negative trading results, maintaining a tight stop loss of -0.8% on all trades.

All personal data is also securely encrypted both at rest and when transmitted. 

BND Capital has proven to be a firm driven not only by their thirst to provide above market returns for their clients but also by the quest to simplify the entire investment process through the use of innovative technology.

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