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I just wanted to share with you my latest personal view on the BITCOIN DAILY CHART MARKET ANALYSIS (3rd-Feb-2020).

Bitcoin Daily 3rd-Feb-2020

As at the time of publishing this post, Bitcoin is currently trading at resistance zone price level of 9419.91 which price had been trying to break through right from the 1st of February 2020. Remember bitcoin broke through an intermediate bearish channel and in which we had a retest of our broken dynamic trend-line which acts as new resistance dynamic line giving rise to its upward short-term bullish trend.

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Well a daily close above our active horizontal key-level @9419.91 will give a clue of the bullishness of the bull and if buyers failed to breakthrough to the upside this may interest sellers to pull price to retest potential support which acts @ 9100 level. A breakthrough below this potential support @9100 may open more door for retest of previous support level @7703/7600.

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