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Best Forex Broker in Nigeria - HotForex Nigeria
Best Forex Broker in Nigeria – HotForex Nigeria

In 2010, HotForex was created and it turned out to be the best secured Forex broker in Nigeria. Are you looking for the Nigerian most trusted Forex broker? Look no further! With several regulations, HotForex Nigeria is the most trusted forex broker in Nigeria. Some of these regulations are CySEC, FCA, and FSCA. HotForex Nigeria offers reasonable dealings with its traders because it is a 100 percent STP broker.

HotForex has up to nine different trading account types and this makes it easy for traders to select their preferred account when trading with them. Besides, they have better order execution on these accounts with smaller spreads on their major currency pairs. HotForex is the top leading Forex broker in Africa is due to the fact they offer low-cost transaction fees to their clients while offering the best service. Below are some of the reasons why they are the most reliable Forex broker in Nigeria.

Security on HotForex Nigeria

When it comes to trading security, HotForex Nigeria is the Nigerian most trusted Forex broker. Their high tech security website layout made traders and investors believe that their funds are safe with them. HotForex Nigeria protects data and resources of its clients with 128-bit SSL highly secured encryption expertise.

To protect their funds, HotForex Nigeria conforms to the trading regulatory standards. They do this by separating their working capital from their client funds and they save them in most of the known banks. Moreover, they help their clients protect negative balance from their accounts; none of them will have a negative balance. 

Regulations on HotForex

Regulation is essential in Forex trading and people love to transact with brokers, which have multiple regulatory statuses. HotForex is a leading Forex broker with numerous regulatory conditions and this made them rank among one of the best Forex brokers in the world. Some of HotForex regulators are CySEC, FSC in Mauritius and FSCA.

HotForex is locating its corporate branches in many high-tax countries including Australia. This may be difficult for traders from these countries to enjoy using HotForex Nigeria. To cater for this, CFTC is the primary regulator of US-based brokers. HotForex is using this to help regulate the accounts of the people using their platform.

Transaction Costs on HotForex Nigeria

Best Forex Broker in Nigeria - HotForex Nigeria

HotForex Nigeria doesn’t charge any cost when depositing into your wallet. They offer faster transactions when their traders make deposits during the standard trading hours in working days. In addition to free transaction cost, HotForex provides a better transaction service for main currency pairs. HotForex provides Forex spreading through Inter-bank by making use of strong liquidity service providers and STP innovation.

Easy Deposit and Withdrawal on HotForex Nigeria

Sending funds into your HotForex Nigeria wallet account can be done by making use of any type of cards that you have at hand. You can also deposit with wire transfers. Other payment services like Cashu, mybitwallet, Ukash, Skrill and (formerly known as Moneybookers) can also be used.

Just like several other brokers (local or international), you need to deliver legal documents and identity information before you can request for withdrawals. Conversely, withdrawal is easier on HotForex Nigeria, local bank withdrawal option is available, bank cards and various convenient options are made available.

Trading Platform on HotForex

Since HotForex Nigeria is currently the best broker in Nigeria, it is available on popular trading platforms. HotForex Nigeria is usable on the well-known MT4 platform. This platform is available on internet enabled mobile devices, desktop computers and also available in various software versions. This platform is a dependable, provides numerous trading tools, news and features to traders.

You can create a secured trade execution on this trading platform, trade automatically and it has a feature to create personal technical indicators. On the MT4 platform, there is the general market overview, news feeds, trading history. Management of accounts is also easy on this platform.

In addition to this platform, traders can also use the Multi-Terminal platform by HotForex that gives active traders enough room to manage more than one account while using MT4’s functionality. You can also use MT4 apps on Android and Apple phones. The web-based trading website was designed by HotForex if you like trading using an Internet browser.

Types of Trades Execution on HotForex

To provide the right trading experience to traders, HotForex Nigeria designed many accounts to suit the trading conditions of a lot of traders. All HotForex Nigeria traders will have trading flexibility, whether looking for Demo or Live trading accounts. You will always find an account for your trading skill and needs. There is always an account for you no matter your trading experience level, trading risk level and funding level. This makes HotForex Nigeria number one Forex broker in Nigeria. Some of HotForex Nigeria trading accounts are listed below:

Micro Account – If you don’t have trading experience, this trading account is what you should go for. The minimum amount to fund your wallet is $5 and you will get up to 1:1000 leverage. There is market execution to use and you will get 0.01 minimum and seven standard lots. You get no commission here.

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Premium Account – You should only go for this trading account type only if you have some trading experience. Minimum funding amount is $100 and there is up to 1: 500 leverage available with larger opening positions. Their market execution gives you 0.01 minimum and 60 maximum Standard lots. You get no commission here.

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Zero Spread Account – As a scalper who will like to change trading positions, you need this trading plan. It is an account type with tight spread on traders’ trading accounts without any mark-ups. You will get a maximum Leverage of 1:500. This is available only when you deposit minimum funding of $200. With market execution, there is 0.01 minimum and 60 maximum Standard lots that you will receive. Users of this account will get commissions when they fund their wallet. 

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Auto Account – Any trader can easily operate this trading account. Those traders using this account will be receiving trading signals when they subscribe to the MQL5 Trading Community. This automated account is built into the HotForex MetaTrader4 trading platform for easy use when traders are copying signals. There is market execution with 0.01 minimum and 60 maximum Standard lots. You will get no commission in this account.

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Customers service on HotForex Nigeria

HotForex Nigeria is the leading Forex broker in Nigeria because its customer service is available 24/5. When you get in touch with them during this period, they will answer you immediately. For easy communication between HotForex Nigeria and traders, HotForex Nigeria made provision for multilingual service and their representatives proficiently speak numerous dialects. Besides, you can contact them through email, online chat, phone call, and even with the use of Skype. Their website can be translated into up to 25 different languages.

HotForex Nigeria provides educational resources to their traders through their learning center. These valuable training guides are available to both their professional and newbie traders. As a Forex broker leader in Nigeria, there are many tools to make you a successful Forex trader like trading signal alerts and daily market news. This makes HotForex Nigeria the leading Forex broker in Nigeria.

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Minimum Funding Amount on HotForex Nigeria

There are many funding methods available to fund your wallet on this platform and they all have minimum and maximum amounts to be deposited. For example, wire transfers have a minimum deposit of $100 with an unlimited maximum deposit. However, different credit cards have different minimum deposits (UnionPay $50, Maestro $5, Mastercards $5, and Visa $5) and online payment options (like bitcoin $5, Bitcoin Cash $5, Skrill $5, VLoad $10 and others). Lastly, the minimum bank transfer or local deposit is $50 and their maximum deposit is $10,000. These different funding decisions and minimum deposits options makes HotForex Nigeria the most flexible Nigerian Forex broker.

Promotions and Bonuses on HotForex Nigeria

Best Forex Broker in Nigeria - HotForex Nigeria

There are different promotions offered by HotForex Nigeria to their clients. Some of their promotions include bonus offers, contests & rewards, free account funding, HotForex Nigeria merchandise, loyalty program, deposit and withdrawal bonuses. You will get a 100% bonus to every user of HotForex Nigeria when depositing into their account through the link here .

There is always a bonus for any funding type you are using. This bonus doubles the trading funds for initiation of trading activities. This bonus is readily offered to traders immediately they deposit into their accounts, verify their trading account, or by choosing a deposit bonus. This is why they are rated number 1 customer-centric Forex broker in Nigeria.

Financial instruments offered on HotForex

The instruments offered by HotForex Nigeria will help traders create better trading opportunities. It will also boost their expertise in Forex trading. Visit the “Tools” section of their application or website, and you’ll see the third-party instruments that you can use. The three most important tools include the Autocharist tool, the Premium Trader Tools, and VPS Hosting. Also, there are different calculators to help traders determine each trading aspect. HFcopy is another prime offering instrument for policy providers and their followers to create a better income stream for traders. These financial instruments make HotForex Nigeria the top best Forex broker in Nigeria.


Above all, HotForex Nigeria is the most successful Forex broker in Nigeria because they offer the most operational online brokerage service. If you are familiar with MT4, HotForex Nigeria trading will be easy. Besides, they offer very reasonable deposit bonuses and promotions to their customers. You will also get to use higher leverage ratios once you start using their Micro account.

Lastly, the multi-lingual agents that attend to customers solve problems in the language that customers understand. HotForex Nigeria is the best secured Forex broker in Nigeria to use because they have more than one regulatory status and advanced technology to separate their clients’ funds. This makes them the most reliable and trusted Forex broker in Nigeria.

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