Blockchain is a technology that thrives on the idea of peer-to-peer networks to share trusted ledger of transactions. The essence of blockchain is to create a channel through which immutable records of data can be managed by leagues of computers that are not owned by a single entity and the blocks of data are interconnected through the cryptographic principle. The data that is being shared is open and the blockchain is transparent for everyone to be responsible for their actions. 

 It does not carry a transaction cost but it just needs an entity to start the block while millions of computer users can join. The verified blocks are added to the chain and whenever there is a falsification of records the entire chains will be nullified. The blockchain database is like a spreadsheet that is duplicated a thousand times across the computer network and at the same time immutable because no one can tamper with the stored-up data inside the blockchain. 

Just like Bitcoin , the decentralized system made it possible for users not to go through the third party before sending money or sharing information with other users as no software upgrade can halt such transactions. There is transparency and privacy of required data as a person’s identity can be hidden through cryptography but transactions were done through public addresses.  This type of transparency is rare in the financial system, hence the credibility of blockchain technology.

 Hash pointer is integral to the blockchain as it points to the previous block, after which a chain will be created. It works effectively on both the information and address of the given blockchain. The use of a blockchain network makes internet users authenticate needed digital information. Smart contracts are being carried out through the ledger technology as most users subscribe to Ethereum to realize such purpose. 

Also, the sharing economy is secured since the peer-to-peer payments allow direct interaction between parties. It can benefit state governance as it can be used during election and opinion polls segments through Ethereum-based smart contracts and can also facilitate the organizational decision-making process. The blockchain-based timestamping of dates and locations can help consumers to verify the ethical claims of products by the companies as ledgers will reflect the backstories of most products. 

Through blockchain technology, market predictions to a certain level are guaranteed as crowdsourcing of events has a higher probability of realization. As such, people can earn money through constant prediction of events as they use analytical applications. With the view that most digital information can be infinitely reproduced across the internet as a form of free content, the blockchain has a way of protecting the intellectual property of the copyright holders with the use of smart contract tools.

 In a nutshell, the creation of blockchain technology has contributed significantly to the solution of age-long risk of trust among humans. 

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