BCASH is an open source lottery gaming and guess game developer platform aimed at creating a large range of online gambling games and guess games to provide an ambience for gamers and establish a community for developers. It is determined to create a new game ecosystem based on blockchain.


  • Transparency
  • Delivery of smart contract
  • Safety of encryption
  • Free from geographical restrictions


  • Cheap delivery
  • User experience
  • Authenticity  

With the introduction of blockchain technology, BCASH aims to provide solution by:

  • Providing smart contracts to solve delivery problems.
  • Ensuring that data from gambling games are not altered with the utility of blockchain technology.
  • Improving credibility of gaming platforms.
  • Enhancing the user experience.
  • And increasing the speed of transfer.

BCASH is innovative in the evolution of the gambling game industry with the development and the presentation of solutions to the vital pain point of the industry. This factors ranks it as one of the best token to invest in.


Not long ago BCASH introduced its first sale on China X – a digital cryptocurrency exchange platform to be accessible to everyone. The token was made accessible in the aspect of its very low price. It completed its first round IEO in 30 Minutes. 

Going down the memory lane, we will recall a period of time in which Bitcoin was cheaply accessible to be acquired and invested in, but we all lost focus and paid less attention to the sales till the price of Bitcoin increased as the tires changed. It was an opportunity to create wealth, gain financial freedom and also an opportunity to become one’s boss. But there’s always a second chance.

With the loss of an opportunity comes greater opportunities. And these opportunities are mainly fleeting especially if not utilized well. BCASH has introduced another opportunity after its first sale, a chance to once again create wealth by investing and a second chance for everyone who missed the first sale. 

The second sale is currently ongoing on a widely known digital cryptocurrency exchange platform called ChainX at a very low price. 

This is another avenue to invest in BCASH before it’s too late due to the fact that very soon, the monetary value of BCASH will increase and also will be on high demand. 

The time is now and not tomorrow. Tomorrow might be too late.