Omoare Allen is a Financial Instruments Analyst and Forex Mentor with years of experience trading the financial market.

He’s also an experienced financial writer, programmer and infopreneur .

He worked as a computer technician before he ventured into Forex trading in 2014.

He took a tough decision of quitting his computer technician job after he made a huge return on his investment during the boom of Bitcoin in the year 2017. Ever since then, he had been addicted to the world of speculation in the financial market.

He is the founder and CEO of Global-Klex Technology LTD, an information technology company created in 2017 to provide services relating to website development, digital content creation, programming and mobile app development.

Since launching of FXKLEX in 2018, Allen established himself as a figure in the financial industry by using his effective trading strategies to help lots of Forex beginners and experts in achieving consistent results in their Crypto and Forex trading career.

According to him, “No holy grail to profits, therefore, getting to the top is not a matter of bread and butter but takes years of sleepless night and dedication”.

Allen has been interviewed by different brokerage firms and he has been featured as the ‘trader of the month’ on several occasions.

He has a YouTube channel where he reveals his trading strategies and techniques to his followers. Through this medium, he has provided traders with reliable strategies on how they can minimize losses and maximize profits trading the financial market.

Whenever he’s not writing, reading or brainstorming about the financial market you can find him cycling or swimming.