It’s essential you know the common 5 mistakes of new forex traders before you start trading the forex market. Forex trading can be likened to any trade; starting it comes with tons of challenges you have to contend with as a newbie.

To an average beginner in this trading world, forex trading may seem easy, but the truth is, it’s not as easy as you may think.

It’s a market with lots of ups and downs, depending on which side of the coin you find yourself. So the uncertainties are normal as it’s an entirely new market. Your best bet is to prepare for these challenges beforehand.

5 mistakes of most new traders
5 mistakes of every new forex trader

Below are the listed 5 mistakes of new forex traders you should watch out for to be successful. Kindly read on to find out!

Absence of a trading plan

It’s said that “he who fails to plan is certainly planning to fail.” This is true when you consider a forex trader who hops on this dynamic financial market without a trading plan. Counter-intuitive? Yes, that’s right!

Have a plan

The mere expectation of a positive result isn’t going to yield anything sustainable if you neglect the necessary things to do as a beginner in forex trading. It’s an environment that defies logic, so it’s crucial you plan ahead of time, which should include how to start off the trading and how and when to leave the trade.

Lofty Expectations

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wishing for something great and positive to happen in your life. But then, being realistic with oneself is a crucial step to having peace of mind. The same goes with forex trading, every newbie always has unrealistic expectations when it comes to their trading results, and this is a very big mistake.

5 mistakes of most new traders
No easy route to profits

Try to make up your mind that you’re in to learn, then make money. This way, you tend to be patient with the process, unlike those who think forex trading is a get-rich-quick money scheme. You’ll also have to follow the footsteps of the successful traders as well.

Instead of romancing some unrealistic expectations, you should get to work, learn the nitty-gritty of the market, this plus a great personality trait will set you up for the success you long for in this fantastic market. That’s how successful traders today start off as beginners. Without hard work, meaningful success won’t materialize.

Revenge trading

You don’t need to get emotional with a lost trade as it’s inevitable in forex trading. Sometimes you win; other times, you lose. It’s been the rule of the trade since its inception. Hence, you don’t need to practice revenge trading when you lose.

The best thing you should do when you lose is to analyze things properly and make amends where you went wrong. This way, you’d save yourself from unnecessary loss you may further encounter when you do revenge trading.

As a beginner, always be ready to accept any loss. You’d grow from such a sour experience when you keep your head down and learn from that unpleasant outing. This teaches you how to trade better and smarter in the future.

Failure to keep records

To be successful in any business, you should and always prioritize record-keeping. It helps to know the status of the business at any given point in time. The same goes for forex trading, as it’s no different from any other business in keeping records.

Always keep records

A new forex trader must always keep records of his trading. This way, you can easily know what your profits are and when the going gets tough, you can see the number of bucks you’ve lost. This helps in making informed decisions subsequently.

Having these records can go a long way in your success as a beginner in forex trading. Don’t ever take this document slightly. Though it’s not some sexy thing to do, you’d be glad if you did later on.

Paying little or no attention to exits

Generally, as a beginner, you tend to spend a lot of time on trade entries while not bothering on trade exits. This isn’t right, as having proper exit packages in place will go a long way in preventing unnecessary losses.

Yes, it’s challenging to set up a proper and effective exit strategy. Ensure you do your due diligence as a newbie in forex trading when setting your stop. Don’t fall into the trap of being at six and seven when exiting a forex trade.

To avoid being in a perpetual state of doubt, ensure your emotions don’t take the best side of you. The rule of thumb is, test as many set-ups as possible, then opt for the one that shows amazing results.

Forex trading is one of the worthwhile businesses you can venture into as a 21st-century person. However, there are a ton of possible mistakes pockets usually fall into due to the volatile nature of the market. To avoid these common 5 mistakes of new forex traders, you need to ensure proper research before you commence, plan well and go in for it with a strong mind.

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